Do you often feel like despite your best efforts and intentions, you get caught up in the same old patterns, over and over? 

Does it frustrate you that no matter how many programs, workshops, courses or diets you sign up for, no matter what you buy or try — new things, ideas, experiences, or shades of love — you keep returning to the same Old You whenever the next High runs off?  

Do you ever notice how you tend to re-create the same kind of story in your life, and even though the characters and circumstances are different each time, the deeper plot remains the same?  


Do you long to be free from the narrative that imprisons you and become the author of a NEW ONE, that heals, nurtures and liberates you and others? 

Do you need to stop TRYING SO HARD to live and instead, just start living, from the power of Here and Now, imperfectly yourself, enjoying and creating this short beautiful life to its fullest?  

Do you wish to find, claim and nurture YOUR TRUTH — whatever this may look, or feel or sound like vs. keep settling for false ideas of you? 

After years of struggling with the ups and downs of change, and trying to re-create myself through all the highs and lows of life, I realized the need for a Consistent Support System, a Roadmap Back to Me, a Creative Structure to hold me as I navigate and re-design my life, daily, weekly and monthly, over an extended period of time vs. just a short, intensive one-time training or event. 

So Welcome Home, Time Traveler! 

Welcome to Year of You - a year-long Creative Rehab Program that will provide you with the space and tools, the inspiration and support to re-create yourself from the inside out and improve in every main Area of Your Life...  

Through weekly self-inquiry and inspiration + monthly trainings and connection, Year of You will become a Creative Initiation to the rest of your life, the Soul Guide that will help you get honest with yourself, assess where you’re at, and start CREATING the life, work and love you deserve, HERE and NOW, without postponements, excuses or apologies. 

For the next 11 months, Year of You will be your companion to not just falling in love with your life, but to also STAYING in love, to GROWING, IMPROVING and EXPANDING every Area of You. 



  • You start with the outside, instead of starting within. You try to control the outcome, instead of focusing on creating a new life out of your deepest core self — your only REAL place of power. 
  • You give up too easily. You quit right before you'd have succeed. You are not committed and consistent over a long period of time. Embracing a new way of being takes time. With most attempts you barely dip your toes, but that's just the beginning. 
  • You are terrified of the unknown. You confuse familiar and comfortable with safe. But there is no growth without change, no place for creativity without unprecedented action, and there is no more danger in the unknown than in the familiar. It's just out of your comfort zone. 
  • You focus your whole attention and creative energy on only one area (usually the one in trouble), instead of on the Whole of You. Yet you can only function and improve as a whole. One isolated area — even if desperately worked on — cannot survive change for too long if all the other areas of life are not evolving too.


Falling in love with yourself and your life is EASY. It’s just like falling in love with another person. It starts with saying Yes to You.

You are invited by Life into a dance. You are seduced by beauty and trust, by joy and possibility. You feed this thought with action after action, without resistance, fears or excuses… and then… next thing you know, you just wake up IN LOVE. 

You didn’t see it coming, did you? The truth is, you’ve been walking in it for a while already. Barefooted. Naturally. Without struggle.

Now, once you’ve done the falling, meet the struggle: STAYING IN LOVE is where your heart makes trouble. 

The part where this newfound Love of You and Your Life needs to be acted upon every single day, nurtured, rooted in responsibility, its patience tested, its trust challenged, its endurance tried, its possibilities developed. 

And here’s where most Love Stories end… Sadly, right after they begin…Before they even have a chance to truly happen.


Turning your life into a constant work of art, exploring the depth of your human experience, learning to trust and care for yourself, doesn’t have to be dreary or difficult, exhausting or expensive. 

You just say Yes to Life, and you start happening. A little bit every day, start doing what you can, right here and now, from the Imperfect Mess of You…

… until… the next thing you know is that your Book of Life gets lighter, more enjoyable to read, and you’ve somehow become the Author of Your Story. 

And once you’ve tasted what it’s like to be YOURSELF, you can’t go back to being someone else. And this New You feels just as good and true and necessary, as any great Love Story. 


Year of You runs on a monthly basis starting February 27th, 2017 until January 26, 2018.

Each Monday, you'll receive a wake-up call containing inspiration for the week + all the weekly/monthly goodies. You can access all the materials in our private Members Area, where you can also connect with others as you feel moved to, share your insights and be supported on your journey. You can complete Year of You in your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

You will be billed on a monthly or yearly basis, starting on the day you sign up, and you can cancel anytime.  



Monday to Friday, you'll be able to start or end your day with a creative soul-sheet, containing a small dose of everything you need to keep the flame alive: life design tips, self-inquiry exercises, gratitude + habits checklist, and tons of inspiration.


Each month, you'll get a NEW creative guided meditation and visualization recording that will help you focus, relax, set your intention for the month, and summon your creative superpowers.


Writing is an essential part of any Creator's journey. Self-expression is your best ally in your process of Self Discovery. As a member of Year of You, you'll get a *FREE PASS to our 10-Day Intensive Creative Writing E-Course coming up April 17-26. 

*You'll have to remain a member until April to access this bonus. 


One Email Wake-up call each Monday with additional insight, goal-setting, inspiration, creative focus and fuel for the week ahead. 


Each month, we'll go deeper into one Area of You: Creativity, Purpose, Business, Work, Art, Love, Relationships, Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Communication and more. In a 30-minute podcast you'll receive compact in-depth wisdom and valuable lessons in each area. You'll also receive a monthly self-assessment PDF with additional insight, goal-setting + roadmapping.


LIVE Q&A webinars -- every two months, in which we'll go over the main lessons and issues to date, answer your most burning questions and co-create more value together. All calls will be recorded and available for download.


By joining Year of You, you'll get access to a vibrant, online community. You'll be able to connect with like-minded soulful troublemakers from around the world, on a similar path of creative self-discovery as yourself, give and receive support and inspiration. 


As a member of Year of You, you'll get a huge 50% discount on ALL Creative Rehab online programs coming up - in Writing, Online Business, Creative Marketing, Branding and others, taking place before or by December of 2018.


As a Year of You participant, you'll get priority access + an additional 10% discount on ALL upcoming Creative Rehab Retreats or Live Workshops until December of 2018.

You'll be able to review our Terms & Conditions at Checkout.


How much would you invest in your ongoing, Creative Revolution? 

How about less than your daily cup of coffee or tea? 

Your investment in Year of You is only $1 a day. 


You'll be able to review our Terms & Conditions at Checkout.

The Deeper your Self-Awareness, the Greater Your Power and more Expansive your Freedom. 


  •  Access the space, the tools, the inspiration and support to re-create yourself from the inside out. 
  •  Grow and improve in every Area of Your Life: Creativity, Purpose, Work, Art, Business, Love, Relationships, Wellness, Spirituality, and ALL OF YOU.
  •  Know, heal, accept and love yourself, your life, and your truth, one day, week and month at a time. 
  •  Take small creative actions every day towards your goals and dreams, as you experience sustainable, long-lasting transformation.
  •  Connect with like-minded seekers and life alchemists from around the world on a similar journey of self-discovery. 


Can I do this in my own schedule? 

Yes. This is an online adventure with people joining from different countries and time zones. There are no specific hours or days. You can login to the Members Area from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day that works best for you, grab your soul food and run. 

Each Monday, you’ll get a wake-up call via email containing all the weekly goodies, which you can later access in the Members Area. You can chew on them anytime, at your own pace.  

What if I want to cancel? 

You can cancel your membership anytime. Just contact before your next billing time. You will be billed monthly, quarterly or yearly, starting on the day you sign up. You can review our Cancelation Terms at checkout, before you sign up. 

How do I join? 

Click on any of the buttons on this page and you'll be taken to the Checkout page. There, select the payment plan that works best for you -- you can join us on a regular Monthly Plan or a discounted Yearly Plan (at 20% off!) -- review our Terms and JOIN US! 

Upon signing up you'll receive a Confirmation Email from Creative Rehab with all the Registration details. Enrollment closes Friday, March 3, at midnight (USA Pacific time). Our Members Area opens on Sunday, for a weekend Orientation. Year of You officially begins Monday the 27th.

How much time do I need each week/month? 

As much or as little as you want or have available. As you dig deeper into yourself and start to re-design your life, some areas may require more care, healing, awareness or training, while in others you may be further ahead in the journey. 

Some days, weeks or months, you many need to set more time aside for You, while others can be more hectic. Year of You will be your soul guide through it all, helping you happen to life, in your own rhythm and schedule. 

What devices will I need? Will there be a lot of writing? 

You can access our Members Area from any device: a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. All you need is an internet connection at least once a week, to get the updates and the weekly goodies. For the self-inquiry exercises and/or other annotations or reflections, we highly recommend that you use a Notebook or Journal. 

The writing involved in the process of creating yourself this year, can be as little or as much as you'd like, need to, or have time for, and it will mostly be in the form of journaling and/or sharing insights with the group and other members.  

Do I have to interact with other members? 

You are not required to interact with other members, although many inspiring lifelong connections are formed during our Virtual Adventures. You may interact as much or as often as you want or need. 

Year of You is an ongoing support system created especially to serve and benefit you exactly where you’re at. It's not a burden, or a have-to. It’s your Soul’s Daily Cup of Tea or Coffee. A want-to. Need-to. Can-t-wait-to. Let's-do-this.

You'll be able to review our Terms & Conditions at checkout.  

You may not be in a position to travel all the way across the world, attend an event or invest in a high end, intensive online training. 

And even if you are, the one-time boosts and intensive training you get from these experiences won't last or be used to their fullest potential, unless you keep doing the work on yourself, every single day. 

Year of You is that Creative Troublemaking Angel on your shoulder, reminding you that you are always JUST ENOUGH and RIGHT ON TIME, to take the next step — no matter your circumstances.  

A monthly, affordable, easily accessible, ongoing boost of creativity, inspiration and connection that will meet you exactly where you’re at, and hold your hand as you re-discover and re-create yourself in all your glorious multiplicity. 

The worst enemy of life is not death, but stagnation. Movement will set you free.

The key to you is Movement. But not just ANY movement. 

Year of You will lead you to Intentional + Consistent + Creative MOVEMENT, and stir up your desire, creativity and self-knowledge in every area of your life. 

Because when one thing changes, everything must grow.

Because you deserve to create and enjoy a life that resonates with your heartbeats, you deserve to become the Author of Your Story, you deserve to be fully and unapologetically alive, to give and to receive, to love and to be loved, to make as much creative trouble as you can.  

It all begins with saying Yes to You. 

Your Fellow Troublemaker

I'm Andréa Balt - Founder of Rebelle Society, Write Yourself Alive (30 Days of Writing) Creative Rehab Adventures & Warrior Woman Rising, and I'll be leading you in this adventure back to you. 

I am a Writer, Blogger, Life Alchemist, Serial Entrepreneur and a Creative Troublemaker on a Mission. I'm also a holistic health coach and certified yoga teacher. 

In my work I try to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Creativity & Writing, Art & Travel, Mind, Body & Soul into a more expressive, abundant & expansive Art of Being Alive. 

In the last 5 years I've helped more than 100,000 people through my writing, teaching, events and online courses. 

I am best known for inspiring creators from all walks of life to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write and share their stories, as well as re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time. 


"With a passion that borders on obsession, Andréa is the best I know at bringing people with fires burning inside themselves together, at stoking those fires, and teaching others to finally learn that it’s okay to burn.”

- Tyler Knott Gregson | Author, Poet, Photographer

"Her work has a deep, unique magic to it. Her words and guidance will help you to unlock fresh, new energy where you once felt stagnant - she has a way of opening hidden doors that make the world feel cinematic and full of color; a golden spool of thread, ready to weave new possibilities into every corner of life."

- Jenny Sansouci | Writer, Wellness Blogger, Health Coach

"Somehow, she nurtures this really captivating presence that makes you want to do everything better. When you can’t or don’t, when you’re stubborn or scared, she will hold your hand and she will help you achieve. She is good and she is pure and, what is frightening and fantastic, she is improving all the time.” 

- Jeremy Goldberg | Writer, Speaker, Life Coach  

“Her passion and her talent have made a huge impact on my life. She has shown me what is possible. It is because of her that I decided I wanted to start writing.” 

— Valerie Gangas | Author, Life Coach 

“She holds a space for an individual to become their best self. It is so rare to have someone beside you that has the potential to take an ordinary thought and turn it into an extraordinary and enchanting idea.” 

- Robert Sturman, | Artist, Photographer 

"I’ve yet to meet anyone with equal parts emotional intelligence and business insight or unsurpassed tech knowledge and awe inspiring creativity.” 

- Victoria Erickson | Author, Holistic Healer

"Rather than empty or spent from our collaboration, I’m exhilarated and eager to leap straight into another creative project. To me, this is the truest testament to someone’s artistic brilliance: that their own creative impulse can’t help but spill over into the lives of those around them.” 

— Aaron Beaumont | Musician 

“She believes. She believes in art, she believes in artists—she believes in the hard work which alone creates both. But what sets her above is that she acts upon her belief. And action, after all, is life.” 

- Joshua Humphreys | Novelist 

Have you ever heard the critics of self-development say that there are more important issues in the world than you? 


And yet… You can’t affect or change them, without first changing YOU. 

You see, you are the ONLY PERSON you have ANY REAL POWER over. 

If you really want to do good in the world, and help it heal from all the madness now affecting us, then start by HEALING YOURSELF FIRST, and becoming your BEST ALLY — and then start living from this place of Love, and Power, and Awareness every day. 

There is nothing more powerful, inspiring and transformative than an awakened individual creating and living life to the fullest.  

By knowing, helping and deeply loving YOURSELF FIRST, by making your own growth and aliveness a priority, you become EMPOWERED to help the world. 

Because REAL LOVE takes ACTION. And action leads to CHANGE. 

Because your Revolution either starts WITHIN, with You, right HERE and NOW...

...or it doesn't happen at all. 

Are you a Rebel of the Ordinary — with a burning desire to move beyond old patterns, take your Life, Love and Creativity into your hands, and become the conscious Author of Your Story?

Let this year of change, fear and confusion become the Year of You, of your Creative Revolution, the Year of Power, Trust and Growth and Possibility.

Let this be the year you fall and stay in Love with Life for the first time, again.

You'll be able to review our Terms & Conditions at Checkout.


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