If you're tired of the same old patterns and stories of survival, taking over your life after every infatuation, holding you back from loving yourself, fulfilling your creative potential and showing up in your power...

If you long to be free from the narrative of scarcity that imprisons you and become the author of a NEW STORY of ABUNDANCE, that heals, nurtures and liberates you and others... 

If you want to stop TRYING HARD to live and instead, align with the flow of life, and start creating this short beautiful life from a palce of self-love, apprecation and acceptance for what is vs. denial, failed expectations and repression...

If you need to find, claim and nurture YOUR TRUTH — whatever this may look, or feel or sound like vs. keep settling for false and unsatisfying versions of you... 


It's time to go from the circumstantial infatuations with life to a truer, more solid Love Affair, and re-create yourself in your own terms vs. just settle for the labels and stories the world has put on you...

If you've been aching for the space, the time, the motivation and support to finally say Yes to You consistently...

Year of You - will provide you with the creative rehab, the support and guidance you need to re-create yourself from the inside out and improve in every main Area of Your Life, from a place of self-love, creativity and abundance.  

Through daily inspiration, weekly self-inquiry and monthly trainings + connection, Year of You will become the Creative Initiation to the rest of your life, the Soul Guide that will help you get honest and real with yourself, the Roadmap back to you.  

For the next 11 months, Year of You will be your companion to not just falling in love with your life, but to also STAYING in love, to GROWING, IMPROVING and EXPANDING in every Area of You. 


"Year of You is one of the helpful forces that gave me strength and will to step out and pursue the track I've always wanted but always set aside. Thank you for embedding in my heart and soul that I am the creator of my life and I could make my life as art. I will always carry the lesson to follow my bliss.”  

— Len Magraro, Soulful Creator  

“When i signed up for Year of You, I wasn’t even looking, but I found a tribe. Andrea Balt has created something special with her alchemy. Each month another nugget of gold is released – fueling my own creativity and with it confidence in my craft.” — Pete Ophoven, Coach, Teacher, Writer, Mentor


  • You start with trying to fix the outside, instead of starting within - your real place of power. The only way to you is YOU. 
  • You give up too easily. You quit right before you would have succeed. It takes a lifetime to create yourself. 
  • You are afraid of failure or of greatness. You´d rather stay with the familiar discomfort than take a leap into the beautiful unknown. But your expansion lies beyond your fear. 
  • You focus your whole attention and creative energy on only one area (usually the one in trouble), instead of improving the Whole of You. When one thing changes, everything expands. 


Turning your life into a constant work of art, exploring your truth, learning to trust and care for yourself doesn’t have to be excruciating or expensive. 

You just say Yes to Life consistently. A little bit each day, start doing what you can, right here and now, from the imperfect mess of you…

… until your Book of Life gets lighter, more enjoyable to read, and you become the Author of Your Story. 


Year of You runs on a monthly basis, for a total of 11 months, though you are free to cancel anytime. Each month's content focuses on helping you become aware, improve and create yourself in one of the main 11 areas of your life

The 11 Areas of Life we'll cover during Year of You are: 

  • MONTH 1 (last week of April + May, 2018): Your Purpose & Story, Mission & Vision - Rebuilding your Identity & Reconnecting with Your Truth. 
  • MONTH 2 (June, 2018): Your Creativity & Self-Expression - Igniting your Creative Fire. 
  • MONTH 3 (July, 2018): Your Spirituality & Higher Self - Connecting You with Source. 
  • MONTH 4 (August, 2018): Your Work & Business - Creating Work You Love, Loving the Work You Do.  
  • MONTH 5 (September, 2018): Your Food & Nourishment - The Ins and Outs of Eating like An Artist (FALL DETOX INCLUDED)
  • MONTH 6 (October, 2018): Your Health, Wellness & Fitness - Loving Your Body Whole. 
  • MONTH 7 (November, 2018): Mindful Communication, Interpersonal Relationships + Emotional Intelligence - Your Non-Boring Guide to Being Emotionally Stable. 
  • MONTH 8 (December, 2018): Life Lessons, Wisdom Wealth + Year in Review - Closing your year with Reflection, Gratitude & Celebration. 
  • MONTH 9 (January, 2019): Life Planning + Creative Incubation - Designing Your Creative Roadmap for 2019
  • MONTH 10 (February, 2019): Your Love for You & Others - Taking your heart to Love Rehab. 
  • MONTH 11 (March, 2019): Your Productivity, Creative Rituals + Lifestyle Design - Setting You up for Greatness, Decluttering Your Life & Making Space for You.  


Each month is divided into 4-5 focus weeks. At the beginning of each week, you'll receive one wake-up call via email containing focused inspiration + 5 daily worksheets for the week, that will help you reconnect with your truth, rewire your mind, and re-create yourself. In addition to the weekly content, each month you'll also get a monthly workbook, an audio training, video inspiration and a guided meditation/visualization exercise to help you go deeper in each specific area of your life. 

The program content will be released on a monthly basis and available at the beginning of each month in our private Members Area, where you can connect and interact with others as you feel inspired, share your insights and be supported on your self-creation journey. 

You can complete Year of You in your own time and rhythm, from anywhere in the world. You are free to cancel anytime if it doesn't work for you. 

After completing the 11 months of the program, you'll continue to have LIFETIME ACCESS to the program + Members Area containing all the program materials and archives + to all new bonuses and upgrades (we add new goodies every year), and you can retake and revisit the program as many times as you wish at no additional cost.

If you decide to cancel at any point through the program, you lose access to the Members Area, but you may keep the program materials delivered up until your time of cancellation.


DAILY CREATIVE CHECK-INS For 5 days a week you'll be able to start or end your day with a creative worksheet, containing a small dose of everything you need to keep the flame alive: life design tips, self-inquiry exercises, gratitude + habits checklist, and focused inspiration. (5-10 minutes to complete.)

24/7 ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE COMMUNITY & SUPPORT In addition to receiving Year of You in your inbox, you'll also get access to our private platform, where you can access all the content in one place, and connect with other soulful creators from around the world, as well as give and receive support + inspiration. 

WEEKLY WAKE-UP EMAILS One weekly Wake-up call sent via email, with insight, inspiration, creative focus and fuel for the week. Each weekly email comes with the downloads recommended for the week. You can access the entire program, week by week, from the comfort of your inbox. All the content shared with you via email will also be available 24/7 in the Members Area. 

MONTHLY GUIDED MEDITATION + VISUALIZATION Each month, you'll get a NEW creative guided meditation and visualization recording that will help you direct your focus and rewire your mind, as you surrender to the Now and summon your creative superpowers in every main area of your life.

MONTHLY TRAINING PODCAST + VIDEO INSPIRATION + FOCUS AREA WORKBOOK Each month, we'll go deeper into one Area of Your Life: Creativity, Purpose, Business, Work, Art, Love, Relationships, Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Communication and more. 

In a 30-minute podcast you'll receive compact in-depth wisdom and valuable lessons in each area. 

In a 10-minute video, you'll receive additional creative fuel in our Focus Area, to start each month with inspiration.

You'll also receive a workbook at the beginning of each month, where you can set your focus, goals, priorities and intentions in the Area we'll be working on for the month. 

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS + 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL CREATIVE REHAB ONLINE COURSES As a member of Year of You, you'll get a juicy 50% discount on ALL Creative Rehab online programs - in Writing, Online Business, Creative Marketing & Branding, taking place before or by May of 2019.*

PRIORITY ACCESS + 10% DISCOUNT TO ALL UPCOMING CREATIVE REHAB LIVE EVENTS, RETREATS AND WORKSHOPS AROUND THE WORLD As a Year of You participant, you'll get priority access + an additional 10% discount on ALL upcoming Creative Rehab Retreats or Live Workshops until December of 2019.*

* Only valid if you are still a Year of You member at the time of registration for the new program/event, or if you've already completed the full 2018 Year of You membership. 

You can review the Terms + Select your Payment Plan at Checkout.


How much would you invest in an ongoing, Creative Love Affair with Self that helps you heal and rebuild yourself? 

How far could you expand from a place of self-love and abundance vs. of scarcity and survival? 


You'll be able to select your payment plan + apply discount coupon + review the Terms at checkout. 

How will YEAR OF YOU impact your life this year?

Through steady creative inspiration + brain rewiring + heart opening practice, Year of You will help you...  

  • Access the tools, the inspiration and support to re-create yourself from the inside out. 
  • Grow and improve in every Area of Your Life: Creativity, Purpose, Work, Art, Business, Love, Relationships, Wellness, Spirituality, and ALL OF YOU.
  • Know, heal, accept and love yourself, embrace your truth, create your life, one day, week and month at a time. 
  • Take small creative actions every day towards your goals and dreams, as you experience sustainable, long-lasting transformation.
  • Connect with like-minded seekers and life alchemists from around the world on a similar journey of self-discovery. 

Enrollment only opens once a year. Don't miss this window!



You'll be able to apply available discount coupons + review the Terms & Cancellation Policy at checkout. 

Your Year of You Soul Guide

Hey there, Creative Rebel! I'm Andréa Balt - creator of Year of You and other mini-revolutions: Rebelle Society, Write Yourself Alive (30 Days of Writing), Creative Rehab Adventures & Warrior Woman Rising, and I'll be leading you through this adventure back to you. 

I am a Writer, Blogger, Life Alchemist, Artistpreneur and a Creative Troublemaker on a Mission. I'm also a holistic health coach and certified yoga teacher. 

In my work I try to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Creativity & Writing, Art & Travel, Mind, Body & Soul into a more expressive, abundant & expansive Art of Being Alive. 

In the last 7 years I've helped hundreds of thousands of stuck creators from all over the world, through my writing, teaching, sold out LIVE events and online courses. 

I am best known for inspiring creators from all walks of life to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write and share their stories, as well as re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time. 


“Year of You helped me to get clear and take true and inspired action in 2017. I found the coursework exquisitely deep as well as full of practical daily, weekly and monthly actions. As a performer, I can get stuck emotionally and artistically - having a solid year to focus in on different areas of life with the intention of creating the life I truly want really helped. I reworked a solo show of mine that was a hit and felt my creative and genuine power roar back to life! My absolute favorite mantra for the year was and always will be: Accept what is, release what was, create what must be. Thank you Andrea!” 

Christina Evans Actress. Performance Maker - tinaevans.com 

"These emails resonate with so much vitality and vibrancy. The words, the energy behind them helps transform and indeed rewrite my inner story. They help restructure the brain pathways into rituals of positivity and health instead of habits that keep us stuck.Thank you for your work in this world." 

Emma Yohannan Artist. Musician. Yogi  

Year of You was more than a course – it was the experience of becoming a better version myself. I’ve read many “self-help” books that echo the same repetitive messages we’ve all heard a thousand times, but Year of You brought such a refreshing and realistic approach I found myself excited every time there was a new email in my inbox. The resources were incredible, the guidance was spot on, and the content was extremely rich. Invest in yourself and do it! 

Miles Rote Writer, Marketing Director, Wellness Gangster - milesrote.com

"I have been transformed over time into something which is the me I was supposed to be. All the hard work of reflection, writing, re-reflection, breaking down of barriers to self awareness, repudiation of entrenched superimposed selfhood created by the opinions of others, have slowly helped me to exist with comfort inside my own self. I am so grateful to the Creative Rehab process, Andrea Balt's mission and vision, for helping me to reach this Crossing Place."

- Eleanor Sudak Poet in Progress

"Year of You calls you to makes space to nurture and tune into that quiet you. Its filled with insightful exercises, heartfelt quotes, and meaningful direction. It strengthened my self-inquiry process and marked out a safety zone for me to really feel the importance of my true priorities and core desires. If you're dedicated to hearing your soul truths, then let your inner good life compass guide you back to your unconditionally loving self. Like I did. You'll love this, and you'll have a deeper love for yourself too."

Vina Chalice Creator, Self-Love Advocate

The worst enemy of life is not death, but stagnation. Movement will set you free.

The key to your Aliveness is Movement. But not just ANY movement. 

Year of You will lead you to Intentional + Consistent + Creative MOVEMENT, and stir up your desire, creativity and self-awareness in every area of your life. 

Because when one thing changes, everything must grow.

Because you deserve to create and enjoy a life that resonates with your heartbeats, you deserve to become the Author of Your Story, you deserve to be fully and unapologetically alive, to give and to receive, to love and to be loved, to make as much creative trouble as you can.  

It all begins with saying Yes to You. 

There is nothing more powerful, inspiring and transformative than an awakened individual creating and living life to the fullest. 


You are the ONLY PERSON you have ANY REAL POWER over. You can only give and help others out of your own abundance.

Your Revolution either starts WITHIN, with YOU, right HERE and NOW... or it doesn't happen at all. 

By knowing, helping and deeply loving YOURSELF FIRST, by making your own growth and aliveness a priority, you become EMPOWERED to help the world. 

Because REAL LOVE takes ACTION. And action leads to CHANGE. And change takes TIME, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE. No real transformation happens overnight. 



Can I do this in my own schedule? 

Yes. This is an online adventure with people joining from different countries and time zones. There is no schedule other than what works for you. Every Monday you’ll get a wake-up call via email containing all the weekly goodies, which you can also access anytime in the Members Area - open 24/7. You can review and revisit the weekly + daily inspiration in your own time and rhythm. 

What if I want to cancel? 

You can cancel your membership anytime. Just email info@creativerehab.co and request to cancel (no questions asked). You will be billed monthly, starting on the day you sign up, or yearly, with a one-time payment (2 months FREE!). You can review our Cancelation / Refud Terms for each payment option at checkout, before you sign up. 

How do I join? 

Click on any of the buttons on this page and you'll be taken to the Checkout page. There, select the payment plan that works best for you - you can join us with a recurring MONTHLY PAYMENT at just $45 now + 10 more monthly payments, or a discounted ONE-TIME PAYMENT that covers the entire Year of You (BONUS: By paying in full, you get 2 months FREE). 

After signing up you'll receive a Confirmation Email from Creative Rehab with all the Registration details. You'll get access to the Members' Area + Orientation + Month 1 of Year of You on Monday, April 23. You'll receive the first weekly wake-up call on Monday, April 30. 

How much time do I need each week/month? 

As much or as little as you want or have available. As you dig deeper into yourself and start to re-design your life, some areas may require more care, healing, awareness or training, while in others you may be further ahead in the journey. Some days, weeks or months, you many need to set more time aside for You, while others you won't need as much. Year of You will be your soul guide through it all, in your own rhythm and schedule. 

What devices will I need? Will there be a lot of writing? 

All you need is a working computer, tablet or smart phone + weekly access to your email. You may also access our Members Area 24/7 from any device. Although there will be optional self-inquiry exercises and journaling prompts each month, this is not a writing course, but an ongoing self-creation, self-love and self-awareness training that encourages self-inquiry through writing, journaling or any other means of self-expression that comes natural to you. 

Do I have to interact with other members? 

You are not required to access the Members Area or interact with other members in order to participate in Year of You, although you have the option of doing so anytime. All the program materials will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. As this is an ongoing adventure that runs for 11 months, interaction in the Members Area tends to be stronger at the beginning and it slows down throughout the year. Whether you choose to interact or not, you'll keep receiving and enjoying Year of You at your own pace.

You'll be able to review the Terms & Conditions + select your Payment Plan at checkout.  

Are you a Rebel of the Ordinary — with a burning desire to move beyond old patterns and expired versions of you, to get over your stories of survival, and be the Author of Your Story of Aliveness?

Let this year of change, fear or uncertainty become the Year of You, of your Creative Revolution, the Year of Power, Self-Trust and Expansion. 

Let this be the year you fall and stay in Love with Life for the first time, again.  



You'll be able to review the Terms & Conditions at Checkout.